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10 Most Charming Small Towns In Spain

By on April 17, 2016

Passionate, delicious and exciting – Spain has it all!

Lively and diverse, Spain lures you in with its sensual food, striking art and rich history. So, sit back, pour yourself some sangria from a carafe and get ready to explore Spain’s most charming small towns!

Cuenca – Spectacularly located on a hill, the old town of Cuenca boasts natural beauty, cobblestoned streets that climb up the hill and beautiful tall houses. This medieval town is historic and well preserved, overlooking some breathtaking views. Strolling around this beautiful ancient town you might be surprised to find modern art, museums and galleries.

#cuenca #spain

Cuenca, Spain

Toledo – Where three major religions coexisted for centuries. The city of three cultures combines the beauty of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, with its Sephardic synagogues, mesmerizing mosques and one of Spain’s most awe inspiring gothic cathedrals, all standing side by side in peace.

#alcazar #toledo #spain

Alcázar of Toledo, Spain

Avila – This medieval town is known as the “City of Saints and Stones”. Avila was founded in the 11th century and still gives out the feeling of a fairy tale. This charming piece of history is surrounded by monumental walls and boasts impressive gates and watchtowers, as if it was frozen in time. Behind these imposing walls lies a city that celebrates the past with its many cathedrals and renaissance palaces, and also a city that’s proud of its local heritage and cuisine. Don’t forget to try Yemas (sugared egg yolks), which is a local and renowned dessert.

#avila #spain #medieval #walls

Avila, Spain

Segovia – Welcome to Segovia! This magical old town’s architecture combines the many cultures that have passed through the city and is home to some truly magnificent monuments. The historic Roman Aqueduct of Segovia stands impressively tall after more than 2000 years and Alcazar de Segovia is Spain’s most famous castle which also inspired Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World. Segovia is an historic monument as well as a natural beauty.

#segovia #castle #spain

Alcázar of Segovia , Spain

Salamanca– This ancient town is proud home to one of Europe’s oldest universities, has picture perfect golden light, beautiful narrow streets and historic monuments. But alongside the renaissance cultural vibe this city is full of students and young people, having a fun night out at one of the many bars, clubs and live music shows in the city.

#salamanca #spain #bridge

Salamanca, Spain

Cadiz – Cadiz is a spectacular ancient town surrounded by water and color. The most iconic monument of the city is a golden dome cathedral with an ocean view that took more than a 100 years to complete. You can get lost in the maze of the cobbled streets, dine on some fresh seafood and enjoy the sound of the waves while they gently crash on the shores of this historic town.

#cadiz #spain #goldendome #cathedral

Golden Dome of Cadiz Cathedral , Spain

Jerez de la Frontera – Jerez is the epitome of fun, passion and life. This joyous town is famous for its lively flamenco, horse culture and delicious local wine. In short – it’s how you imagine Spain.  Jerez is an old town, yes, with charming old palaces and historic monuments, but it’s young at heart, full of laughter and sun, of fresh tapas and dancing. It is a celebration of the Andalusian culture.

#flamenco #dance #jerezdelafrontera #spain

flamenco dancers, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Arcos de la Frontera – A pueblo blanco (white village) dramatically located on a cliff. This stunning town offers a breathtaking view of whitewashed houses built on a sheer rock and historic steep streets, chapels and castles.

#ArcosdelaFrontera #spain

Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

Ronda -The town of Ronda is, simply put, superb. Being one of the Spain’s oldest cities, Ronda stands tall, surrounded by mountains and overlooks the El Tajo gorge. The gorge separates the old town from the new and is connected by the Puente Nuevo, the bridge, that offers some truly awe inspiring views.

#ronda #spain #bridge #oldtown

Ronda, Spain

Antequera – Known as the heart of Andalusia, Antequera has a rich historical heritage, dating back to the Bronze Age. This striking town has many churches which are beautifully lit at night, and terrific local restaurants located in the town’s romantic piazzas.

#Antequera #spain #cathedral

Antequera Cathedral, Spain


#spain #village

#horses #jerezdelafrontera

#spain #food #paella

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10 Most Charming Small Towns In Spain
Join us as we discover Spain's most charming and picturesque small towns!
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