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8 Best Destinations You Must Visit This Spring!

By on March 22, 2017

Does it feel like winter will never come to an end? Are you dreaming of warm sunny days, birds chirping, and bright flowers? Spring is just around the corner, and you need to make the most of this perfect season. From beautiful nature to amazing festivals, there is so much to see and do this time of year. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan your spring break. Here at RoutePerfect, we have compiled a list of the eight best places to visit this spring.


United Kingdom – When you think of the UK, you might think gray and rainy. That’s what makes the spring so special. After a long and cold winter, the sun has finally come out, and bright flowers are popping up all over the country. The most iconic bloom of spring in Britain is the bluebell. Bluebells carpet Britain’s countryside throughout the spring, most  magnificently in the months of April and May.

If you’re in the UK in April anyway, make sure to usher in the warm months at Edinburgh’s famous Beltane Fire Festival. This fire festival is rooted in Pagan and ancient Gaelic tradition, and attracts over 12,000 people annually. It is an evening of tradition, dance, music, and storytelling, all topped off with a massive bonfire.

purple bluebells cover the woods and sunshine above

Beautiful bluebells covering the woods – Spring in the UK


crowd with torches in the dark

Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival

The Netherlands – Windmills, wooden clogs, and tulips – these are the images that come to mind when one considers a trip to The Netherlands. From March through May, visitors flock to the breathtaking Keukenhof garden to see some beautiful tulips. Located in Lisse, this park is one of the world’s largest gardens, and it features a variety of styles and blooms. Though the park itself is open all year, it is most spectacular in the springtime, when visitors walk among some of the most beautiful and colorful flowers in the world.

If you visit in April, you can make it to Keukenhof’s flower parade, as well as the festivities of Koningsdag, or King’s Day. King’s Day is celebrated all over the country, but we recommend to visit Amsterdam this April 27. There are city wide street sales to celebrate Amsterdam’s trade history, street parties, brightly decorated boats on the canal, and delicious traditional Dutch food.

colorful tulip field and windmill in the back in a sunny day

Tulip gardens of Keukenhof – Not to be missed!


happy people on a boat in the canal

King’s day celebrations in Amsterdam canals


Spain – Spring is arguably the best time of year to visit Spain. It can get very hot and overrun by tourists in the summer. Feel like you have the country to yourself when you visit in the milder months. Plus, there is so much going on that time of year! In March, Valencia celebrates Las Fallas, a traditional festival to welcome the coming of spring. Each year, a theme is agreed upon and massive ninots, or puppets, are paraded through the streets. This week is filled with food, music, dance, and Valencian tradition. And don’t forget, the spring marks the beginning of Spain’s bullfighting season! 

big crowd and float in the street

Las Fallas de Valencia festival


Israel – Springtime in Israel means the country is in full bloom. The forests of southern Israel are carpeted with beautiful red kalaniyot, or anemones. Israelis flock to the south in early spring to see the south turn red, particularly to Be’eri Forest. If you’re in town in the spring, make sure to go to Jerusalem to see the Light Festival. This event is open to the public, and beautiful light shows are projected onto the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, attracting over 250,000 visitors.

Beautiful red flowers in a field in Israel

Red anemones carpet the ground in Southern Israel

Italy – Italy is magnificent no matter when you go, but there is a certain extra magic during the spring. One of Rome’s most beautiful sights, the Spanish Steps, is made even more spectacular from March through June when they are covered with brightly colored azaleas. After admiring the azaleas, make sure to check and see if there are any festivals going on – springtime in Italy is a celebration of the amazing fruits and vegetables that grow during this season. April is devoted to the artichoke, and there are festivals all over the country that incorporate this unique vegetable. One of Italy’s most famous artichoke festivals is the Sagra del Carciofo Romanesco in the Lazio region.

Beautiful magenta azaleas on the Spanish Steps

Azaleas on the Spanish Steps

Japan – In early spring, sakura, or cherry blossoms begin to bloom across southern Japan. By May, the blossoms have spread to the north, and Hanami, or Cherry Blossom Season, is in full swing. If you arrive and see that you missed the season, don’t worry – traveling further north often When the sakura reach Tokyo, the city has a huge festival called Sanja Matsuri to celebrate the beginning of Spring. This festival often gets a little wild, and attracts over 2 million people each year.

Cherry blossom trees blooming along a river near Mount Fuji

Springtime in Japan – Cherry Blossoms

France – Spring is a time of transformation all over the world. In France, from March through May, different types of flowers bloom all over the country. In Vosges, the sprawling fields reflect the springtime sun with bright yellow wild daffodils covering the ground. Don’t worry if you miss France during the milder spring months, if you make it in the summer you can see the beautiful and fragrant lavender fields of Provence.

Blue sky, yellow flowers in a green field with a tree in Wildflowers in Vosges, France

Wildflowers in Vosges, France

Switzerland – If you’re like me and you have a phobia of the cold, then you may be wary of visiting Switzerland. The hype of the country revolves around snow-peaked mountains and amazing winter sports. For people like us, the best time to visit Switzerland is in the spring. The snow has melted, revealing lush rolling hills, dotted with wildflowers. Ski trails turn to hiking trails, and people emerge after the cold winter to admire the breathtaking Swiss Alps without completely freezing. After your visit in the Alps, head down to the cities, where different places banish winter and welcome the spring with different festivals. Fasnacht in Basel and Secheslauten in Zurich, each with their own unique customs and traditions, usher in springtime in Switzerland with costumes, fruits, parades, and music.  

Yellow flowers bloom in a field next to snow capped mountains

Meadow of flowers in the Alps

People in colorful costumes celebrating the Basler Fasnacht

Basel Carnival Fasnacht

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