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Travel Magical Croatia – Best Places To Visit In Croatia

By on February 16, 2016

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Croatia is a breathtaking combination of natural beauty, rich and fascinating history, fantastic local wine and sparkling blue seas, that’s why it’s a perfect destination on your European trip planner. Croatia is located between the Balkans and Central Europe and mixes an old world charm with a Mediterranean flare. Check out this awesome list for the best places to visit in Croatia!

The island of Korčula  – According to legend, the world famous explorer Marco Polo was born in Korcula, and this picturesque island could inspire anyone! The island boasts vibrant green scenery with vineyards, small beaches and quiet coves. It offers a glimpse into its rich history with medieval towers and lovely cobbled streets, charming fishing villages and panoramic views to the deep blue waters. This island is a must see in Croatia!

#korcula #croatia #travel #vacation

The island of Korčula, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes is located between Zagreb and Zadar and was the very first National Park in Croatia. It  is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the scenery and surroundings at Plitvice are simply awe inspiring. Cascading waterfalls work their way down into one of the many lakes scattered throughout this UNESCO World Heritage Site, accompanied by a multitude of colors,. Whether it be during the autumn when brown leaves cover the park, or the summer when the lush green surroundings are in full bloom, Plitvice is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature. Hike  in the most peaceful setting and enjoy the untouched nature of one of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

#plitvice #lake #croatia

Plitvice Lake, Croatia

The Roman Amphitheater in Pula
Memories of walking the romantic streets of Rome will come flooding back when you visit the Amphitheater in Pula, which is so large it can be seen from almost anywhere in the town. The Roman amphitheater was, of course, used during Roman times for the purpose of staging gladiator fights where thousands of excited spectators would crowd in to watch. However, there is also a very romantic story behind the construction of the theatre which was built by Emperor Vespasian as a tribute to his mistress, Antonia Cenida.

#pula #croatia #travel

Pula, Croatia

Enchanting Rovinj
Rovinj has been stealing the reputation of Dubrovnik in recent years as the most popular place to visit in Croatia, and it is easy to understand why. Even before the Eastern Roman Empire assumed control, Rovinj was a stunning city built by the Illyrian tribes, and it was also arguably the most picturesque on the coastline of Croatia. There are many historic ruins to explore and a myriad of narrow cobblestones streets which wind their way through this charming city. A  climb to the top of the bell tower at sunset is the most beautiful way to see Rovinj in all its glory, as the fading sun light hitsthe colorful buildings on the waterfront. Another highlight of an enchanting walk around Rovinj is the Old Town. The ancient gates to the Old Town are still standing today and were used to protect it from intruders in ancient times. This, along with the attractive architecture, the quaint fishing boats, delicious truffles and vibrant atmosphere make exploring the town one of the most romantic things to do in Croatia.

#rovinj #croatia #travel

Enchanting Rovinj, Croatia

Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island is a short boat ride from the old harbor and mainland in Dubrovnik. It offers a great opportunity to have a little piece of Croatia for yourself. It is easy to organize a taxi from the old harbor, and when you arrive on Lokrum, there are many isolated rocky beaches to have a picnic or to spend a few hours snorkeling, sunbathing, and just taking in the scenery.  For the more adventurous, it is also possible to take a kayak tour out to the island and paddling your way beneath the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik.. Regardless of which way you experience Lokrum Island, it is worth including on your next trip itinerary for Croatia.

#croatia #village

Stunning Croatia Village

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  1. Reply


    February 29, 2016

    gorgeouse country

  2. Reply

    Mary @ Green Global Travel

    March 22, 2016

    Lovely images of Croatia! It’s only fitting that where Marco Polo was born (or so the legend goes) is blessed with beautiful water. The country looks like a great place to relax.

  3. Reply

    Alex S

    August 9, 2017

    Croatia looks absolutely magnificent! Based on the article it seems like it has a mix of Greece and Italy combined. What is Croation cusine? Also, when is the best time to visit here and are there any areas you should avoid?