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Things to do in Ireland
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Welcome To The Emerald Isle – 5 Best Things To Do In Ireland

By on February 21, 2016

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Welcome to Ireland!  Breathtaking wild scenery, a cozy local pub with a pint of Guinness and the greenest green you’ll ever see!
Filled with rich history, famous hospitality and some truly stunning views, Ireland is a perfect destination to fulfill all of your wanderlust needs. Let’s start our journey to Ireland with our 5 best things to do in Ireland!

The Cliffs Of Moher – Standing tall at 702 feet and 5 miles long, these magnificent cliffs stretch along the Atlantic Coast of County Clare in the west of Ireland and offer some awe inspiring views. Check out the viewing tower that is located close to the highest point, it will make you feel like the king of the world!

#mohercliffs #ireland

Moher Cliffs, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry is a magical and picturesque tourist trail that offers a perfect route through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ireland.  The route starts and ends in Killarney and is 170 km long of fantastic views and dramatic history. It goes through forests and beaches, mountains and lakes, villages and fishing ports. The route is filled with gems-  an ancient fort, a bicycle trail, and lush green landscapes that boasts ethereal beauty. Don’t be surprised if you encounter fairies and trolls along the way, this is the favorite hiding place.

#Kylemoreabbey #ireland

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

The Rock of Cashel is a mesmerizing, dramatic and spectacular heritage site that is located in  Cashel, County Tipperary. This plateau, which towers 300 feet above the ground was the site for the conversion of Aengus the King of Munster by St. Patrick. Today you can see the round tower, a 13th-century Gothic and a stunning church rising from a vibrant and dramatic green hill. This site will surely make you feel like a character in “Game Of Thrones”. Winter is coming!

#cashel #ireland

The Rock Of Cashel, Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway – This mind blowing UNESCO World Heritage site is located in Northern Ireland. Resulting from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago, it is made of 40,000 massive black basalt columns that are sticking out of the sea and are rumored to help mythical giants to step over the sea to Scotland.

#ireland #giantscauseway

The Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Dublin– The best way to enjoy Dublin is to experience it as locals do. Meaning, we can tell you about the city’s heritage and archeology, or just talk about the pubs! Dublin is known for its pubs – from trendy bars to cool watering holes, But, no matter what you do, you have to visit a traditional cozy Irish pub, where you can listen to some live Irish music and drink a pint of Guinness. Irish people are great hosts and storytellers and they will welcome you to their happy group and make you long and yearn for the good old days. Sláinte!

#dublin #ireland #pub

Dublin, Ireland

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Welcome To The Emerald Isle - 5 Best Things To Do In Ireland
Are you ready to explore Ireland? Check out our list for Best Things To Do In Ireland!
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