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Foodie Guide: Bread and Pastries for your Trip to France

By on November 9, 2017

Foodie Guide: Bread and Pastries for your Trip to France

French patisseries are popping up all over the world, and with good reason! France is home to some of the world’s most delicious bread and pastries.  Take this list with you on your trip to France, and make sure you don’t miss a single thing!

Baguette: An obvious must for your trip to France 

This bread is the reason you came to France. You may have tried what they call a “baguette,” but as soon as you sink your teeth into your first authentic French one, you will wonder where it’s been all your life. In a country where bread is made fresh daily, they take it very seriously, and you’ll know it from how awesome it tastes.

trip to france. French baguette against street in Paris

French baguette on Parisian street

Croissant: Buttery flaky perfection 

Another thing that you may have tried at home but will never truly understand until you have one in France.  A real croissants is a light, flaky, buttery, pure pastry perfection.

Croissant. trip to france

What about Croissant?)

Pain au chocolate: Warm chocolatey goodness 

Oh, you’re a normal living and breathing person who loves chocolate and has fallen in love with croissants? Excellent. Step up your croissant game with this amazing creation- a delicious buttery pastry with pieces of warm, soft chocolate baked in the middle.

trip to france. Chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat) with tea for breakfast. Selective focus

Pain au chocolate

Macaron: Beautiful and delicious 

Available in a wide range of colors and flavors, this sweet, meringue-based confection is both aesthetically beautiful and delicious. Between two meringues is a layer of buttercream frosting or jam, creating the perfect treat. I just love how they look and how they taste, and when I arrived home after my most recent trip to Paris, I was determined to try to make them. That is, until I saw how complicated the recipe was! Looks like macarons are a special treat that I’ll just have to indulge in when I’m in France.

Macaroons trip to france

Colorful macaroons

Crepe: Like pancakes, but better 

Crepes are basically an incredible, amazing, delicious thin pancake (and lucky for you, authentic crêperies can be found in most French towns)! You can choose from a variety of fillings including butter and sugar, jam, chocolate sauce, nutella, and fruit. Oh boy, so many choices means you’ll just have to sample these a few times during your trip, right?

pancake made by a Paris street vendor. trip to france

Crepe made by a Paris street vendor

Éclair: Light, fluffy, creamy, and chocolatey 

A choux pastry, traditionally filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate icing, these tasty treats can be found just about everywhere. Although these standard flavors are how they are classically prepared, more creative bakers will fill these pastries with different types of cream and top them with seriously varied types of icing!

trip to france. Countertop with confectionery appetizing products, delicious with various fillings eclairs, food and beverage concept

Various fillings eclairs

Crème brûlée: Burnt cream?

Everyone has heard of Crème brûlée! You may have even tried a version of it in your hometown – but trust me when I say that you haven’t experienced true Crème brûlée goodness until you’ve had it in France! Break through the hard caramel to reach the creamy custard waiting underneath. 

Sweet caramel custard, food closeup. trip to france

Delicious Crème brûlée

Canelé de Bordeaux: Rum all day, every day

Originating in Bordeaux, this treat is flavored with rum and vanilla, surrounded by a caremalized crust and filled with custard. Need we say more?

trip to france. Holding a traditional Bordeaux sweet cake called Canele outdoors on the street near the Grand theatre building in Bordeaux

Traditional Bordeaux sweet cake – Canele, near the Grand theater

Bugnes Lyonnaises: Angel Wings

A French speciality hailing from Lyon and Saint-Étienne, these fried treats are especially popular before Lent. Lyon’s versions of this fried pastry are rolled out thinly and knotted once or twice before being fried in very hot oil, resulting in crispy perfection. They also come thicker, known as “pillows” which are made from unknotted dough that isn’t as thinly rolled.

bugne - trip to france

Bugnes Lyonnaises

Tarte tropézienne: Giant cream puff 

St Tropez is home to this heavenly dessert – a large cream filled pastry. Some say it’s pretty much a cream-filled brioche, which is like a giant cream puff!

trip to france. Tarte Tropezienne, a specialty cake on the Cote d'Azur in France

Tarte Tropezienne, a specialty cake on the Cote d’Azur in France

What was your favorite dessert on your trip to France? Let us know in the comments!